Applying to a job through mail

Applying to a job through mail

Applying for a job via email is certainly more efficient but its effectiveness depends entirely on you and how seriously and professionally your approach your application.

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We''ve pulled out the most common errors from email applications and the rolex replica queries we''ve received. Mostly common sense, we hope they''ll help you in your job search.

  • The sender should be serious
    Think of the impact your email address creates. If you don''t have a sober mail address, you can create one at no cost through any free email provider, such as, yahoo, msn etc. Keep the fun email id for your friends.
  • The subject should be specific
    What you write in the subject line must be relevant to the reader. Writing ''application for sales manager position'' in the subject line of the email is more efficient from the reader''s point of view. The reader can tell the purpose of the email at a glance, and can deal with it accordingly. Writing a more cryptic comment such as ''a moment of your time...'' may just put people off. Don''t be clever; be clear.
  • The tone should be tempered
    Email may be perceived as a more personal form of communication, but it''s still a professional application for a job. It may feel familiar, but the fact is that the person receiving your application is unfamiliar to you. So eradicate the exclamation marks and spare them the smileys. What you have to offer must take precedence over what you feel.
  • Attachments should be accessible
    Think universal here. You may have the latest gizmo or desktop package or want to wow your reader with your knowledge of Photoshop for Pros, but you''d be assuming that they are able to open or download your masterpiece CV. Stick to the universally accepted .txt or .doc formats. Every PC on the internet can read a .txt format, and most can read MS Word.
  • The content should read like a cover letter
    If you choose to go electronic, remember, your email text should serve as a piece of promotion to your Rolex Replica CV, just as a cover letter does. A few short words along the lines of ''please find attached my CV'' mean you miss the opportunity to highlight your top qualities for the job. Whatever you write in the body of your email text will encourage (or discourage) the reader to go straight to that CV.

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