Talking shop with your uber boss to climb up the ladder.

Talking shop with your uber boss to climb up the ladder.


Every once in a while everyone gets the opportunity to deal with the uber boss: the boss'' boss when his or her boss isn''t there. The best that can happen in such meetings is a chance to move up the career ladder or there''s always the windowless office in the basement to spend your time in peace.

The first rule is to know whether your boss is indeed the rising star in the company''s firmament. If he is, then do not read further and just make sure you don''t run out of the glue that binds you to him or her.

If your boss is down and out then use the meeting with his boss to find out the rising star. And this could be through a simple question about knowing who should be your role models in the company - apart from your boss. 

Don''t ever bad mouth your boss unless you are 21. At that age it is a sign of youthful impetuosity but if you are slightly older then it reeks of stupid opportunism. Be prepared especially about the areas in the company you would like to work on. Show your interest in volunteering for any special projects. Be careful if you have been asked to aggregate information on a project involving your boss'' boss, your boss and you. There is a tremendous possibility of Chinese whispers in all such affairs. The uber boss said something. Your boss understood it differently. And you put together a report that might be as irrelevant as the Pirelli calendar, only much less interesting. If such a confusion happens, do not protect your boss. 

Company''s interest comes first!!!

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